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Conductive Creams used in EEG studies.
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  • Signa Creme 17-20

    Highly conductive cream electrolyte for use in electromedical procedures where a cosmetic quality cream is preferred.

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  • Synapse Conductive Electrode Cream

    • Conductive electrode cream
    • For routine testing and long term monitoring
    • High conductivity
    • Artifact-free tracings
    • Bacteriostatic
    • Non-staining to skin and clothing
    • Contains no abrasives
    • Available in 6 types:
      • 5 oz. bottle
      • 32 oz. bottle
      • 30g tube, 12 per box
      • 5 oz. bottle, fragrance-free
      • 32 oz. bottle, fragrance-free
      • 30g tube, 12 per box, fragrance-free
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  • SAC2 Electrode Cream

    SAC2 is a paste especially developed to stick electrodes on the scalp for sleep and long term EEG recording.
    • Strong adhesion
    • Fast application
    • Easy to clean
    • Fully biocompatible
    3.5oz tubes, 10 per pack

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