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Hypodermic Needle Electrodes for EMG studies.
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  • TECA Myoject Hypodermic Needle

    For Botox therapy and nerve black procedures. Stainless steel needle that is ground to a consistently sharp point. Color-coded leads for easy identification.

    10 per pack.

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  • Technomed Reusable Single Fiber

    A platinum-iridium recording surface is presented through a side port opposite to the cutting edge bevel, close to the needle tip. The position of the recording electrode is indicated by a white dot on the needle hub. Sold Individually.
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  • Technomed Hypodermic Needle

    The Aiglette are a high quality product developed for simultaneous Botulium Toxin (or other medicine) injection an EMG recording or electrical stimulation. Stainless steel with an ultra-smooth coating, sharpened with micro-precision to a facet bevel. The clear color coding 75cm / 30 leadwires with safety 1.5mm connector. 10 per pack.

    • Easy skin penetration 
    • Minimal patient discomfort 
    • Very smooth sliding behavior 
    • Excellent signal quality 
    • Leak-free, very secure slip tip and Luer lock syringe connection 
    • Minimum dead volume of medication
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