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Soak Bucket with Lid

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The Soak Bucket with Lid by Maril Products, Inc. is used for cleaning CPAP equipment

  • Easily readable water level indicators
  • Available in three sizes
    • 2 quarts
    • 3 gallons
    • 5.5 gallons
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    The CPAP Soak Bucket with lid by Maril Products Inc. is a useful cleaning tool to help ensure your equipment lasts as long as they should.

    CPAP therapy requires not just knowing how to operate the equipment prescribed to you, but also learning how to properly care for and maintain your entire system. Keeping your equipment clean is necessary to maintain the efficiency of your system and its accessories and prolong its lifetime.

    Various items can be cleaned by wiping, rinsing, or soaking. The Maril’s CPAP soak bucket can be used to conveniently clean items that need to be submerged in water or a cleaning solution.

    The lid is especially useful in securing the items while soaking or disinfecting. This soak bucket also comes in various sizes, so you can submerge most of your equipment and accessories. It also features clear water level indicators, which come in handy when measuring the amount of cleaning solution required to clean your particular accessories.

    With the convenience this product offers in cleaning and maintaining your CPAP equipment, Maril’s soak bucket with lid is one cleaning supply you should never be without.

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      2 Quart, 3 Gallon, 5.5 Gallon

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