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Oxygen Supply Tubing Connector

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The Oxygen Tubing Connector by AG Industries is highly useful for patients who are required to undergo supplementary oxygen therapy.

  • Utilizes 5 mm and 7mm end connectors to suit most tubing
  • Sold individually
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    AG Industries’ Oxygen Tubing Connector is a product used to connect oxygen supply equipment, such as oxygen tanks, to CPAP, BiPap, or BiLevel machines. Supplementary oxygen sources are vital for some patients, particularly those who need respiratory aid or are undergoing therapy for respiratory disorders.

    Making use of both 5 mm and 7 mm connectors, this oxygen tubing can attach tubing of two different sizes to unconnected oxygen sources. It may also be used to connect oxygen sources to a nasal cannula, a plastic tube with two prongs placed into the opening of a patient’s nostrils.

    Connecting the oxygen tubing connector to a nasal cannula allows you more freedom to move around, even during sleep, while ensuring a reliable flow of oxygen from your tank through your tubing and into your mask. This way, your sleep is uninterrupted and your body reaps all of the benefits of supplemental oxygen therapy.

    This product is sold individually.

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