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Oxygen Tubing

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Oxygen tubing by WestMed is kink-resistant

  • Uses a standard connector
  • Soft and flexible
  • Available in a variety of lengths
    • 7 Foot Tubing
    • 7 Foot Tubing, Smooth Bor
    • 25 Foot Tubing
    • 50 Foot Tubing
    • 100 Foot Tubing
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    Kink-resistant oxygen tubing by WestMed comes in a variety of lengths.   Choose the best one that suits your needs.

    An oxygen system is consists of many components: you need an oxygen tank, a flow meter, and tubing. Oxygen tubing is the conduit that delivers oxygen from the tank via the flow meter.

    Kinks in oxygen tubing can be a serious problem for people requiring supplemental oxygen.   With this oxygen tubing, you need not worry about tangles that can slow down or impede oxygen flow.

    To receive your periodic oxygen requirement as efficiently as possible, your oxygen tubing must be reliable. When this tubing becomes tangled, twisted, or bent from movement or activity, oxygen flow may be interrupted, keeping the patient from receiving the full benefits of his or her therapy.

    With this kink-free oxygen tubing, the risk of oxygen supply cut-off due to kinks in the oxygen line are reduced, ensuring that proper oxygen flow adequately reaches the patient. Available in lengths of 7, 25, 50, and 100 feet, oxygen tubing by WestMed ensures the effective flow of oxygen, all the while giving you freedom of movement.

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      100' Tubing, 7' Tubing, 25' Tubing, 50' Tubing, 75' Tubing, 7' Tubing, Smooth Bor

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