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RespiClean Products

Gentle and environmentally safe cleaning products for use on CPAP equipment and supplies.
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  • RespiClean

    RespiClean is a liquid cleaning solution comes in an 8-oz spray bottle best used for daily CPAP maintenance.

    • Specially formulated for cleaning and deodorizing CPAP masks, nebulizers, and cannulas
    • Contains no alcohol, formaldehyde, vinegar, or perfume
    • Cost-effective
    • Environmentally safe
    • Non-toxic
    • Available in two sizes:
      • 8-oz spray bottle
      • 1-oz spray bottle (Travel size)
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  • RespiSoak

    RespiSoak is a 2% weekly maintenance concentrated solution formulated for cleaning respiratory equipment

    • Contains no formaldehyde or vinegar
    • Alcohol-free
    • Physician-recommended
    • Safe for cleaning plastic, rubber, and silicone parts
    • Available in two sizes:
      • 16-oz. bottle
      • 32-oz. bottle
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  • RespiClean Respiratory Equipment Towels

    For use on CPAP masks, Nebulizer, Oxygen Nasal Cannulas. Includes 40 towels per bag and comes with a 1 oz bottle of RespiClean.

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  • RespiKit

    The RespiKit is a liquid solution cleaning system best used for weekly equipment maintenance.

    • Applicable for cleaning and soaking CPAP masks and accessories, cannulas, nebulizer-tubing parts, and other respiratory equipment
    • Recommended by physicians and respiratory therapists
    • The kit contains one of the following:
      • 8-oz bottle of RespiClean
      • 1-oz bottle of RespiClean
      • 16-oz bottle of RespiSoak
      • Measuring cup
      • Soaking container with lid
      • Instruction sheet
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