Snuggle Strap (Pair)

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The Snuggle Strap by Snuggle Hose is a CPAP accessory that attaches to headgear straps to help prevent red marks and irritation on the face.

  • Made of soft, breathable fleece material
  • Compatible with all mask straps
  • Uses Velcro closure
  • Washable
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The Snuggle Strap by Snuggle Hose is a great CPAP mask accessory that wraps around the straps of the headgear to make it more comfortable.  The Snuggle Strap helps prevent red marks and skin irritation that comes from the friction between the face and the headgear straps.

Made of soft fleece, this CPAP strap wrap conforms to the contours of the cheekbones and fits perfectly around the head. It’s a comfort pad that helps make wearing the headgear more comfortable, allowing you to get the most from your CPAP therapy.

The Snuggle Straps can be put on and removed quickly and easily. Simply wrap the cover around the straps of the headgear and secure it using the Velcro closure. It can be positioned along the forehead or the cheeks.

Cleaning these straps is very easy, throw them in the washer and they are ready to be used again.

A pair of Snuggle Straps is a simple innovation but a practical addition to your CPAP system. It’s an easy solution to make CPAP therapy more comfortable.  The cost is affordable and it helps make a big difference to your CPAP experience!

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