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Conforming Stretch Bandage (1 Ply)

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1 Ply Covidien Conform Stretch Gauze Roll Bandages by Kendall accommodates applications of larger body parts that cannot be done with regular gauze.

  • Can be used to keep IVs and dressings firmly in place
  • Stretches to up to 4.1 yards
  • Made with a blend of cotton and polyester materials
  • White
  • Non-sterile
  • Available in bags of the following sizes and quantities:
    • 1' x 75', 24 rolls each
    • 3' x 75', 12 rolls each
    • 4' x 75”, 12 rolls each
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    Regular cotton gauze can’t always easily handle broken elbows and ankle sprains. That’s why it is essential for you to have 1-ply Covidien Conform Stretch Gauze Roll Bandage in your first aid kits and medicine cabinets.

    Designed to stretch to lengths up to double their original size, these conform gauze stretch rolls can be used in larger areas of the body such as limb operations, mild compressions, and other procedures. This bandage easily adjusts itself to the natural contours of the body.

    Its one-ply thickness allows air to freely reach the affected area, thereby drying wounds faster and helping to speed up healing. It provides maximum comfort, with materials combining the high absorbency of cotton and the flexibility of polyester. This, together with the thickness of the gauze rolls, contributes to maintaining the patient’s mobility.

    These bandages are suited to accommodate your specific needs. Available in three varieties, you can easily adjust the gauze to an appropriate size and shape for maximum coverage and more accurate utility.

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      1 x 4.1 yards, 24 per Bag, 3 x 4.1 yards, 12 per Bag, 4 x 4.1 yards, 12 per Bag

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