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Medipore Surgical Tape

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Mediapore™ Surgical Tape by 3M is a latex-free, soft, elastic and hypoallergenic cloth tape used to secure wound dressings and cover electrodes

  • Made from durable and water-resistant cloth with strong adhesive properties
  • Comes in perforated rolls for easier handling
  • Sold in individual packages
  • Available in different sizes
    • 1' x 10 yards, High Tac
    • 2' x 10 yards, High Tac
    • 1' x 10 yards
    • 2' x 10 yards
    • 4' x 10 yards
    • 6' x 10 yards
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    When you need efficiency, convenience, and functionality, Medipore™ Surgical Tape manufactured by 3M Company has it all. This high–quality hypoallergenic surgical tape is made from soft and stretchy cloth, which allows proper air circulation and unparalleled comfort. 

    Scissors are not necessary when cutting pieces of Mediopore Surgical Tape from its roll. Perforations on the tape allow easy tearing for faster and more convenient application.

    Even without its paper backing, the edges of this surgical tape do not roll up and stick to itself or to gloves during use. It is also water-proof, thereby offering protection for wounds and minimizing risks of infection.

    Medipore™ Surgical Tape has a cross and diagonal stretch feature that helps bind medical dressings and keeps tubing and hoses in place. It also adjusts to the movements of the patient, thus avoiding unnecessary constriction while providing secure adhesion.

    With its strong adhesive feature, Medipore™ Surgical Tape can also secure and cover electrodes properly. It is also a good choice of tape when repeated taping is necessary, as with periodic application of wound dressings.

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      1 x 10 yards, High Tac, 2 x 10 yards, High Tac, 6 x 10 yards

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