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Micropore Surgical Tape

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Micropore™ Paper Hypoallergenic Surgical Tape is manufactured by 3M Company

  • Adheres well to skin without causing irritation or unnecessary pressure
  • Latex-free
  • Comes in three sizes:
    • 1/2” x 10 yards, 24 per box
    • 1' x 10 yards, 12 per box
    • 2' x 10 yards, 6 per box
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    Micropore™ Paper Hypoallergenic Surgical Tape is a general-purpose tape that may be applied in both medical and non-medical requirements.

    Made of high-grade paper, Micropore™ Surgical Tape allows air to flow through it, helping to improve the healing rate of wounds and minor incisions. Wounds are known to heal better when they are allowed air exposure because the air helps to dry out the wound.

    However, exposure to air may also expose wounds to bacteria that may cause infections, so this surgical tape is an effective way to provide necessary protection. Use this tape to secure light dressings.

    Latex-free and hypoallergenic, the tape is ideal for most people with sensitive skin. Its adhesive tack provides secure adhesion but also provides an easy peel off – no one enjoys saying “ouch!” when peeling off surgical tape from one’s skin. 

    The tapes come in four sizes, so all you’ll need to do is choose a size that fits your needs best.  If you need a more customized size, you can cut a larger size down, – this won’t affect the adhesion properties of the tape at all!

    Micropore™ Paper Hypoallergenic Surgical Tape is both economical and useful. Keep a box or two in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit at home or at work.

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      1/2 x 10 yards, 24 per Box, 1 x 10 yards, 12 per Box, 2 x 10 yards, 6 per Box

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