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FlexFit HC432 Full Face Mask Headgear

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The FlexiFit HC432 Full Face Mask Headgear is the replacement headgear for the HC432 Full Face Mask.

Equipped with:

  • Four Velcro straps
  • An easy-release cord
  • Headgear clip
  • Crown strap


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    The FlexiFit HC432 Full Face Mask Headgear, manufactured by Fisher & Paykel, is the recommended replacement headgear for the HC432 full face CPAP mask. With four Velcro straps, this product is designed to maintain a snug fit as you use your HC432 mask.

    The FlexiFit HC432 CPAP mask is known for its intelligent under-chin design, which is conveniently supported by the headgear’s crown strap. This crown strap provides maximum stability, eliminating the need to wear a chin strap.

    This CPAP headgear also includes a clip that can be attached to the sliding Glider™ Strap, which comes with the FlexiFit HC432 mask. With these combined features, leakage is minimized and you are assured of a secure and comfortable fit.

    Worried about maintenance 3/8 You don’t have to, as the FlexiFit HC432 full face mask headgear is very easy to clean. Just hand wash in lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly, and let air dry.

    Do not let a damaged or worn-out headgear ruin your CPAP therapy.  Get the most out of your  FlexiFit HC432 Full Face Mask with the right headgear and sleep through a successful CPAP therapy each and every time.

    Product returns are allowed on warranty issues only.

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