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FlexiFit HC405 Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

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The FlexiFit™ HC405 Nasal CPAP Mask by Fisher & Paykel features the FlexiFit foam cushion that conforms to facial contours.

  • Glider™ Strap system helps to stabilize mask against head movement.
  • Exhaled air is quietly diffused away from bed partners.
  • Glider clip allows one-step removal of the headgear.
  • Hidden strap release enables the removal and reassembly of the mask without the need to redo fitting adjustments.
  • Mask and headgear are assembled and ready to use out of the box.
  • Two sizes of seals included (large and small) for optimal fitting.
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    The FlexiFit™ 405 Nasal Mask is an over-the-nose mask that offers a great combination of comfort and flexibility.  This latex-free silicon mask features the FlexiFit foam cushion that allows the mask to be molded to the user’s face. The form-fitting cushion not only provides comfort but also forms a stable seal.

    Patients that suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) find it difficult to get restful sleep. As patients sleep, their airways collapse and airflow is obstructed causing their breathing to become difficult. These episodes of interrupted breathing cause the patient to awaken or to not be able to remain in deep sleep.

    Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) can prevent the airways from collapsing, allowing the patient to breathe normally while sleeping and to consequently get quality sleep. Effective CPAP delivery requires a good seal from the mask interface.  The FlexiFit 405, with its FlexiFit cushion, creates and maintains  an effective seal so that users can get the rest they need.

    For greater user flexibility, the front swivel allows multiple positioning of the standard hose from the CPAP or BiPAP Machine. Patients can sleep in different positions without worrying about the hose becoming tangled. Exhaled air is expelled quietly and at an angle so as to not disturb bed partners.

    A nasal mask should be able to withstand movement of the patient without becoming dislodged, as many people tend to move a little as they sleep. This mask and headgear system features Glider™ Straps that keep the mask steady even with head movement.  

    The FlexiFit 405 comes with simple-to-use headgear that can be adjusted for a good fit. Once a good fit is established, removing and putting on the mask can be accomplished with glider clips so that the adjustments do not need to be undone after each use.  All the appropriate fitting adjustments on the headgear can  be maintained as they are, even after multiple uses.

    For user convenience, the mask and headgear are ready to use out of the box so that you can grab a great night’s rest immediately.

    Return on warranty issues only.

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