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FlexiFit HC407 Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

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The FlexiFit™ 407 Nasal Mask by Fisher &Paykel features FlexiFit technology that automatically molds the mask to the facial contours of the patient, eliminating the need for numerous adjustments.

  • Unique Glider™ Straps provide unprecedented freedom of movement.
  • Elastic StretchGear™ headgear features an elastic band that stabilizes mask against movement.
  • Frosted silicone seal is soft and comfortable and maintains an optimal seal.
  • Exhaled air is quietly diffused through a series of smaller holes and directed away from bed partners.
  • Glider clips allow for one-step headgear removal.
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    The FlexiFit™ 407 Nasal Mask is a CPAP or BiPAP interface that is comfortable and easy to use. Designed for a superior patient experience, this mask has many advanced features that provide users with convenience, comfort, and efficiency.

    This mask system features the FlexiFit auto-contouring cushion, which molds the mask to the patient’s facial features, forming a precise fit. The exact fit helps create and maintain an effective seal for air pressure delivery from your positive airway pressure machine. The sealing surface of the cushion is made of soft and smooth frosted silicone that optimizes the mask seal.

    People familiar with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy understand that a leak-free mask seal is very important for effective treatment. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) causes patients to have difficulties sleeping.   When OSA patients sleep, their airway muscles become relaxed and collapse, obstructing the airway and making it difficult for them to breathe.  The breathing interruptions cause the patient to not be able to sleep well.

    Application of CPAP to the patient’s airway keeps the airways open, allowing the patient to breathe freely and sleep through the night.  Important to the successful application of CPAP is a leak-free mask seal that can maintain the positive air pressure within the patient’s airway.  The superior seal of the FlexiFit 407 gives patients an effective sleep apnea therapy.

    This mask system also provides many innovations that allow the mask to stay stabilized even with head movement. The FlexiFit 407 includes the StretchGear headgear, which features an elastic band that absorbs head movement and ensures consistent force on the mask when the head tilts up or down. The headgear is attached to the mask with glider straps that absorb side-to-side head movement. The Glider Straps and the StretchGear headgear work in concert to give patients the freedom of head movement without disturbing the mask seal.

    Good headgear is very important in keeping a mask stable.  The headgear included in this mask system offers many points of adjustment so that patients can get the perfect fit. Once all of the necessary adjustments have been established for the perfect fit and position of the headgear, patients are advised to keep such setting to maintain consistency every time the mask and headgear are worn. Glider clips allow the one-step removal of the mask without disrupting adjustment settings. Once adjustments are made, they can remain as they are for subsequent use.

    As the patient breathes, the exhaled air flows through the efficient bias diffuser. Exhaled air is diffused at an angle as to not disturb bed partners.  The diffuser is designed for quiet exhaled airflow. Quieter operation means more restful sleep.

    Whereas some masks require complicated assembly, the Flexifit mask is fully assembled out of the box and is ready to use. This mask offers a wide range of comfort and convenience features to make your CPAP therapy as simple as possible.

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